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makeups sentence in Hindi

"makeups" meaning in Hindimakeups in a sentence
  • Selig said he would decide Tuesday the makeup of the group.
  • I sense something special about the mental makeup of this team,
  • You never see monsters win Oscars, except maybe for makeup.
  • Q . Who's doing the most innovative makeup nowadays?
  • Women with a lot of makeup on also catch my eye.
  • She had no makeup on and I realized something was missing.
  • "Now, everybody's playing makeup ."
  • Kushner has written intense costume and makeup challenges into his script.
  • In 1989, he created Givenchy's commercial makeup line.
  • Q Why are your makeup " prisms " monochromatic?
  • Q What should a woman have in her basic makeup kit?
  • Also : a good night cream and day treatment under makeup.
  • "He's having his makeup retouched ."
  • Does he have the nasty makeup needed to close out ballgames?
  • "It's become a part of my makeup.
  • Hair style, makeup and accessories can further accentuate the difference.
  • "That's not the makeup of this team.
  • And let's not forget makeup, hair and nails.
  • Remember pale, pale lipstick and dark, dark eye makeup?
  • Flanery displays amazing emotional depth beneath an exterior of chalky makeup.
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