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English-Hindi > mangan

mangan meaning in Hindi

mangan sentence in Hindi
1.Among them, Glendale Fire Department volunteered first, Mangan said.

2.Keith Mangan, 33, of Middlesbrough, England, said:

3.Mangan concluded the news conference with a message to the hostages.

4.The commercials started to appear Feb . 21, Mangan said.

5.Mangan plays one of the grooms, a professional tennis player.

6.Local president Joseph Mangan, 89, was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

7.It comes down to making information available across jurisdictions, Mangan said.

8.Mangan and Mosely addressed a news conference in New Delhi.

9.Khadem said he was unaware of any fighting in Atashan or Mangan.

10.She was joined on the series by Alison Steadman and Stephen Mangan.

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