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English-Hindi > mangy

mangy meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'meindʒi ]  sound:  
mangy sentence in Hindi
1.Baggy clothes, mangy hair, lotsa tattoos and body piercings.

2.Mangy monkeys tremble as young Afghans rattle their cages with sticks.

3.When he opened it, he found a mangy old cat inside.

4."They're mangy and vermin-ridden.

5.She saw barefoot children in rags, mangy dogs in the dirt.

6.Get out of that bed, you mangy mutt!

7.The dogs, mangy and rabid, come to life during the night.

8.The phrase also has been translated as " mangy dogs ."

9.Hordes of foot-long, mangy rats are the stuff of nightmares.

10.Schumacher said looking ahead Mangy Cours for the French.

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having many worn or threadbare spots in the nap; "a mangy carpet"; "a mangy old fur coat"
Synonyms: mangey,

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