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English-Hindi > marcato

marcato meaning in Hindi

marcato sentence in Hindi

• निर्दिष्‍ट
1.Your spiccato sounds like marcato, your legato sounds like detache.

2.Marcato's name and phone number are written on it.

3.George and Emily track down Marcato to his antique shop.

4.The concluding Allegro marcato is in a large binary form with a short coda.

5.The marcato accent in the third mark shown is also known as the forzato accent.

6.The first silk spinning shop, the Filanda Marcato Ancilotto, was established in 1870.

7.The woman contacts a man called Adrian Marcato ( Laurence Welles ) with her find.

8.WITH : Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne and Robert Marcato.

9.This is quickly followed by a hammering " marcato " idea in the left hand.

10.The basses sing a short call which dominates the movement, first marked " pp marcato ".

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