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English-Hindi > marcel proust

marcel proust meaning in Hindi

marcel proust sentence in Hindi
• मार्सेल प्रूस्ट
proust    प्रूस्ट
1.His main influences were Marcel Proust, Hans Henny Jahnn and Jean Genet.

2.Among major authors who wrote about musicians, Marcel Proust ranks fairly high.

3.That year, too, Marcel Proust began " Remembrance of Things Past ."

4.Admitted influences for Kerouac include Marcel Proust, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe.

5."_ _ _ _ _ of the Plain " by Marcel Proust

6.Past winners include Marcel Proust, Simone de Beauvoir and Andre Malraux.

7.Marcel Proust was among the guests in this era at Champs.

8.So the Eliot Verekers of our world are wrong, wrong about Marcel Proust.

9.Another guiding light in Aderca's work was French novelist Marcel Proust.

10.Her translations have included works by Marguerite Duras and Marcel Proust.

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