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English-Hindi > march 25

march 25 meaning in Hindi

march 25 sentence in Hindi
• २५ मार्च
march    उन्नति मार्च
25    पचीस २५
1.The Oscar ceremony will be held March 25 and air on ABC.

2.The Oscars will be broadcast by the ABC network on March 25.

3.Tyson gets out on March 25 after serving three years for rape.

4.Each team must select eight of its 23 players by March 25.

5.Fed policy setters next meet on March 25 and again May 20.

6.The video will by the time envelopes are opened March 25.

7.The feast of the Annunciation is usually held on March 25.

8.They say they want it done before the March 25 deadline.

9.Thursday and again on March 25 at 1 p . m.

10.On March 25 the Chatham Daily News reported on the petition.

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