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English-Hindi > marchland

marchland meaning in Hindi

marchland sentence in Hindi
• सीमावर्ती प्रदेश

• सीमांत भूमि
1.Karla Kuban and " Marchlands "?

2.The marchlands of the region, which had long resisted Buyid authority, were finally subjugated.

3._" Marchlands " by Karla Kuban ( Scribner, $ 23, June ).

4.Nothing decisive was achieved, but a series of castles were constructed as a marchland defensive barrier.

5.S�leymanshah, joined by his vassal beys, crossed into the Georgian marchlands and encamped in the Basiani vale.

6.In 2011, Kingston was a cast member on British supernatural series " Marchlands ", portraying Helen Maynard.

7.Located near the River Banwy, the community includes the village of Llanerfyl, several farms and wide tracts of marchland.

8.In "'1987 "', Helen and Eddie Maynard rent Marchlands and live with their two children.

9.After winning several awards for short stories, Kuban attempted a novel _ and what a novel " Marchlands " was.

10.Although the exact geographic extent of Diauehi is still unclear, many scholars place it in the Georgian marchlands as it follows the Kura River.

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