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English-Hindi > mascot

mascot meaning in Hindi

mascot sentence in Hindi
1.Just the mascot angle makes this installment a must-see.

2.The city's official mascot has always been the scapegoat.

3.Let the teams clamp down on their decibels and their mascots.

4.Josephine Bruin, the mascot, might turn on the team.

5.Although he looked like the mascot he was storming at people.

6.But for a long time, I was just the mascot.

7.From then on, a goat was considered the unofficial mascot.

8.We lost the game, but we won the mascot war.

9.The family dog is named Reveille, after the Aggie mascot.

10.Otto is the name for the fuzzy, orange Syracuse mascot.

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a person or animal that is adopted by a team or other group as a symbolic figure

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