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massy sentence in Hindi

"massy" meaning in Hindimassy in a sentence
  • The Japanese Section already has determined its champion : Massy Kuramoto.
  • Mark McCumber represented the United States and Massy Kuramoto represented Japan.
  • Arnaud Massy ( 148 ), Royal St . George's
  • The band re-enlisted producer Sylvia Massy for this album.
  • Massy needed a 4 at the difficult final hole to tie.
  • Three others, including Tsutomu Irie, Masahiro " Massy"
  • The last Frenchman to win the Open was Errand Massy in 1907.
  • Cannings was taken over by Neal and Massy in 1975.
  • Massy was the first non-Briton to win the Open Championship.
  • The song was recorded at Sound City Studios by engineer Sylvia Massy.
  • Massy served as High Sheriff of County Limerick in 1765.
  • Massy had taken 6 at the last to spoil a good round.
  • John Thomas s grandson, Hugh Hamon Massy, next inherited Killakee.
  • Three-time champion Masahiro " Massy"
  • The last French winner was Arnaud Massy in 1907.
  • The only Frenchman to win the British Open was Arnaud Massy in 1907.
  • Wheeler was a grandson of Sir Hugh Massy Wheeler.
  • In the 1921 playoff Boomer beat Massy in the 36-hole playoff.
  • Massy continues to work as an independent producer, educator and music promoter.
  • The album was produced by Rick Rubin with Sylvia Massy engineering and mixing.
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