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matrimonies sentence in Hindi

"matrimonies" meaning in Hindimatrimonies in a sentence
  • These are, she said, tough times for holy matrimony.
  • So he skipped the matrimony step and jumped right into parenthood.
  • Symphonic matrimony is rarely for life and not always for love.
  • Jay Lyons was single; he left the dream of matrimony.
  • He played a charming, maladroit bachelor who balked at matrimony.
  • Ashley Judd is racing toward matrimony with Indy driver Dario Franchitti.
  • The newspapers urged the King's unmarried sons towards matrimony.
  • Regardless, their decades-long courtship finally ended in matrimony.
  • He suggests his daughter Minnie as an excellent choice for matrimony.
  • Phoenix holds forth in an aside on the sacredness of matrimony.
  • Holy Matrimony, with Patricia Arquette, Oct . 12.
  • Amid the explosion of sex, matrimony itself is taking a pounding.
  • Hercules, that ceremony you went through _ the bonds of matrimony.
  • The last stop as we head back to Moab is Matrimony Springs.
  • The matrimony of gays and sports has always been an uneasy one.
  • A distaste for matrimony is reflected in the latest statistics.
  • "Holy Matrimony " won nearly universal praise.
  • Their act is successful and they seem set for matrimony.
  • This plenteous bequest made him think of entering into matrimony.
  • Assisted Matrimony is a personalized match making service offered for busy professionals.
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