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English-Hindi > meanies

meanies meaning in Hindi

meanies sentence in Hindi
1.But Meany virtually ignored Brennan for the rest of his tenure.

2.So how come the big meanies are cowed by President Pushover?

3.The big meanies never really grasped the art of being mean.

4.Meany and O'Kelly are terrific as the feuding pals.

5.Hall also supplied a burp for one of the Blue Meanies.

6.Adam LaClave and Paul Meany were the primary songwriters for Earthsuit.

7.The formal vote taken after his withdrawal was unanimous for Meany.

8.All da Big Meanies are pickin'on'em.

9.But nearly a year after their debut, Meanies are attracting followers.

10.In fact, LeWinter created Meanies with males in mind.

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