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meanly sentence in Hindi

"meanly" meaning in Hindi
  • Watkins conceded that the book  had been grudgingly and meanly reviewed.
  • It is a clumsily written, meanly written article about a defenseless father,
  • She would criticize herself really meanly sometimes.
  • We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last, best hope of earth ."
  • Any view through that meanly constructed window would be more pleasing than the hideous room behind
  • It was like the household of some meanly penitential pastor : all grace and no meal.
  • Other men receive dignity from dress, but my booby looks always more meanly for his finery.
  • The process has discouraged presidents from casually proposing fools or knaves and the Senate from blackballing nominees meanly.
  • In marked contrast to his youthful bond with the wolf, he shoos the dog away angrily, meanly.
  • But now we must, or we shall meanly lose " the last, best hope on earth ."
  • She comes to Walla Walla for the Green Festival and treats Natalie ( her camp guide ) really meanly.
  • Republicans meanly tried to forbid that as " welfare " because the working poor pay no income tax.
  • As Samuel Johnson piercingly observed, " Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier ."
  • Wilde had brought a ruinous libel suit against the marquis for charging, correctly if meanly, that Wilde was gay.
  • On grounds of security, France has meanly come to almost close its doors to Algerian refugees threatened with death at home.
  • Or to cut $ 37 billion over seven years from food stamps _ and to forbid them, meanly, to lawful immigrants.
  • They write personally, pointedly and meanly, as if a phalanx of idiots and no-goods had betrayed all of humanity .)
  • Each time, Diarmuid was angry and asked her how she could repay him so meanly when he overlooked her ugliness the first night they met.
  • He was often meanly suspicious, and life had encouraged him to be ever mindful of his welfare and that of the large family dependent on him.
  • His talents, were not meanly cultivated by letters; he could tell a good book from a bad one, which few modern librarians can do.
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