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English-Hindi > meatal stenosis

meatal stenosis meaning in Hindi

meatal stenosis sentence in Hindi

कुहर संकीर्णता
stenosis    संकुचन संकीर्णता
1.About half of all mutilated babies develop meatal ulcer which develops into meatal stenosis.

2.The procedure may be performed by a doctor to alleviate meatal stenosis or urethral stricture.

3.The moist commonthing is meatal stenosis.

4.In non-circumcised males, meatal stenosis can occur where phimosis or lichen sclerosus is present.

5.It's not what parents expect, it causes severe loss of sexual sensation, and it promotes the development of meatal stenosis.

6.Although meatal stenosis is a burn, it is a chemical burn, so we should add chemical to the things against which the prepuce protects.

7.The new urinary opening can scar, resulting in meatal stenosis, or internal scarring can create a stricture, either of which cause partial blockage to urinating.

8.With about half of the mutilate babies developing meatal stenosis due to lack of a protective pr�puce, while none intact babies do, it is obvious that the pr�puce protects.

9.Meir and Livne suggest that use of a broad spectrum antibiotic after hypospadias repair will " probably reduce meatal stenosis [ rates ] ", while Jayanthi recommends the use of a modified Snodgrass hypospadias repair.

10."' Urethral meatal stenosis "'or "'urethral stricture "'is a narrowing ( stenosis ) of the opening of the urethra at the external meatus, thus constricting the opening through which urine leaves the body from the urinary bladder.

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