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English-Hindi > meatier

meatier meaning in Hindi

meatier sentence in Hindi
1.Stocked with meatier possibilities is the coupling of Kathy and Lily.

2.There are far too many meatier controversies over which to stew.

3.!$ It's Hollywood dish, only much meatier.

4.Meatier profits puts a higher value on the hotels, Brand said.

5.The Choctaws have a thinner shell and a meatier flavor.

6.Since 1986, she has continued to win meatier roles.

7.Some sprouts, like pea shoots, are much larger and meatier.

8.It's just meatier for an actress ."

9.-- The Choctaws have a thinner shell and a meatier flavor.

10.Rosamund Pike has a meatier part as another agent, Miranda Frost.

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