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English-Hindi > mechanistically

mechanistically meaning in Hindi

mechanistically sentence in Hindi
1.Movement can only be explained mechanistically from the nature of extension.

2.Several different kinds of cellulases are known, which differ structurally and mechanistically.

3.This cleavage is very similar mechanistically to the aldolase A reaction of glycolysis.

4.Mechanistically, how does ATP drive a reaction forward?

5.However these enzymes are structurally and mechanistically different.

6.Mechanistically this is because there are insufficient water molecules to effectively solvate the ions.

7.Thus, the reaction pathways are mechanistically isolobal.

8.However, mechanistically speaking, biocatalysis is simply a special case of heterogeneous catalysis.

9.Although these two enzymes perform similar functions, they are structurally and mechanistically different.

10.This discovery helped to mechanistically link molecular regulation of growth and differentiation to shape.

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