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melanosis sentence in Hindi

"melanosis" meaning in Hindimelanosis in a sentence
  • melanosis, keratosis, hyperkeratosis, dorsurn, non-petting oedema,
  • Melanosis coli is a frequent find in long-standing factitious diarrhea.
  • In human body include dark smudges on skin ( melanosis ), polms and
  • In 1861, Hulke first described oculodermal melanosis ( Nevus of Ota ).
  • Melanosis mainly occurs during postmortem handling and refrigerated storage.
  • Districts arsenal lesions such as melanosis, leucomelanosis.
  • Accumulation of lipofuscin in the colon is the cause of the condition melanosis coli.
  • Smoker's melanosis is like the genetic melanin pigmentations a defence-system in action.
  • Another proposed cause of neurocutaneous melanosis is a mutation of the NRAS gene at codon 61.
  • For a description of melanin-related disorders, see melanin, melanosis coli and ocular melanosis.
  • For a description of melanin-related disorders, see melanin, melanosis coli and ocular melanosis.
  • Such lesions indicate pneumonia, emphysema, hydatidosis, anthracosis, pleurisy, melanosis, and tuberculosis.
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been shown to be ineffective in cases of neurocutaneous melanosis where malignancy is present.
  • The morbid deposition of black matter, often of a malignant character causing pigmented tumors, is called melanosis.
  • In Caucasians these granules are not expected to influence on the clinically observed degree of smoker's melanosis.
  • This wide range is most likely due to the large number of asymptomatic, undiagnosed patients with neurocutaneous melanosis.
  • In one study, 4-hexylresorcinol increased the shelf life of shrimp by reducing melanosis ( black spots ).
  • Approximately 10 % of patient with neurocutaneous melanosis also present the Dandy Walker syndrome and associated Dandy-Walker malformation.
  • Neurocutaneous melanosis is associated with the presence of either giant congenital melanocytic nevi or non-giant nevi of the skin.
  • It is estimated that neurocutaneous melanosis is present in 2 % to 45 % of patients with giant congenital melanocytic nevi.
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