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English-Hindi > melter

melter meaning in Hindi

melter sentence in Hindi
1.Unlike the original Melter, his abilities also extend to humans.

2.After Hellion defeated Swarm, Melter and the other villains surrendered.

3.When used properly, ice melters should not harm grass or vegetation.

4.One was John Leonard Riddell, who served as melter and microscope.

5.In August 1855, he became melter and refiner at the Mint.

6.DWPF began radioactive operations with its second melter, installed during a shutdown.

7.This Melter has inherent melting super powers and does not require artificial aids.

8.Cogema proposes to use a cold crucible melter that operates outside the hot cell.

9.The group consists of Egghead, Man-Bull, Melter, and Whirlwind.

10.Along with the usual batch of noisy, overproduced brain-melters, of course.

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a worker who melts substances (metal or wax etc.)

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