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English-Hindi > mensurations

mensurations meaning in Hindi

mensurations sentence in Hindi
1.Mensurations could be combined in various manners to produce metrical groupings.

2.These groupings of mensurations are the precursors of simple and compound meter.

3.Most of the movements feature pairs of mensuration canons.

4.The four voices each sing in a different mensuration.

5.The use of numeric proportions can interact with the use of different basic mensurations in fairly complex ways.

6.Through his use of the library, Wightman acquired a working knowledge of mensuration, chemistry and electrical engineering.

7.Horsefield did not confine his scientific interests to botany, as he also studied algebra, mensuration and astronomy.

8.A third consequence of switching to tetrahedral mensuration was Fuller's review of the standard " dimension " concept.

9.He co-authored textbooks on forest mensuration and sampling with other notable forest biometricians Donald Bruce and Roy A . Chapman.

10.There are several recordings of his work, including an album of mensuration canons, " Four-Voice Canons ".

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