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English-Hindi > mental aberration

mental aberration meaning in Hindi

mental aberration sentence in Hindi

मानसिक विपथन
mental    चिबुक मंदबुद्धिता
aberration    असामान्यता च्युति
1.Gein's case is old but still unsurpassed for mental aberration.

2.Mental aberration and irrational states of mind could not fail to interest artists against Enlightenment rationality.

3.She could and would not say whether it was true, false or some sort of mental aberration.

4.However, when the Doctor hears of Wozzeck's mental aberrations, he is delighted and congratulates himself on the success of his experiment.

5.During the time of Nordau's writing, physical, physiognomic, or mechanical factors were still being regarded as causative in mental aberrations and malfunctions.

6.It is to be explained and forgiven in terms of an unfortunate mental aberration brought about, or at least intensified, by religious excess.

7.His training and abilities earned him a commission and he was assigned to use his abilities to scan paranormal draftees for signs of mental aberration.

8.In an act he later described as a " mental aberration ", Hunter calmly covered the grenade with his hat and held it while his comrades ran to safety.

9.According to Hubbard, auditing enables the pre-Clear to " contact " and " release " engrams stored in the reactive mind, relieving him of the physical and mental aberrations connected with them.

10.Former firefighter Pan Huaxing suffered a " slight mental aberration " at the time of his May 10 hijacking attempt, said a spokesman for the Huli District Court in the southeastern city of Xiamen.

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