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metalliferous sentence in Hindi

"metalliferous" meaning in Hindimetalliferous in a sentence
  • The Ericoid Mycorrhizal Fungi Calluna, Erica and Vaccinium can grow in zinc metalliferous soils.
  • Many areas, mainly on Grand Terre have some very high concentrations of metalliferous rocks.
  • Other metalliferous industries took its place, as did a greater emphasis on engineering products.
  • Mines Regulations and Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts.
  • The electric winders and locomotive were to be the first ones installed in a metalliferous mine in Britain.
  • These rocks are rich in minerals and metalliferous sulfide ores such as Galena, Sphalerite, Chalcopyrite and Bravoite.
  • The Metalliferous Mines Regulation Act 1872 brought the mines of Cornwall under the provisions of the wolfram and arsenic.
  • During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Cornwall was among the most significant metalliferous mining regions in the world.
  • Towards the end of the orogeny the emplacement of a metalliferous deposits of the region ( primarily copper and tin ).
  • He also served as joint secretary to the Royal Commission on Mines and the Royal Commission on Metalliferous Mines and Quarries.
  • Concentrations of non-metalliferous minerals that have been commercially exploited include kaolin clay, feldspar, quartz, beryl and graphite.
  • Metalliferous mining finally ceased in Cornwall in 1998 with the closure of Pool, the last tin mine to operate in Europe.
  • It grows in metalliferous mining slag heaps, damp grounds, flat plains, as well as in thick woodlands and mountains.
  • The Colline Metallifere ( Metalliferous Hills ) line the border in the south with Lazio, and contain the Natural Park of Maremma.
  • His most important memoirs on the metalliferous deposits of Cornwall and Devon were published in 1843 by the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.
  • The metalliferous sector of the mining industry was worth ? million in 2012, making up a very small part of the sector.
  • Tabular or sheet-like deposits of metalliferous ores often contain areas of enhanced metal content that are larger in one dimension than another.
  • New Caledonia has its own version of maquis ( " maquis minier " ) occurring on metalliferous soils, mostly in the south.
  • "' Poldice mine "'is a former metalliferous mine located in Poldice Valley in south-west Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.
  • Electricity was introduced to the mine in the 1890s, and it became the first metalliferous mine in Britain to use electric winding engines and an electric locomotive.
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