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misappropriate sentence in Hindi

"misappropriate" meaning in Hindi
  • "I had misappropriated power, " she continued.
  • Talbott said there was no evidence fund money had been misappropriated.
  • The civil rights pioneer sued them for allegedly misappropriating her name.
  • People will be afraid to misappropriate public funds and take bribes.
  • Some Western humanitarian aid deliveries in the past have been misappropriated.
  • Were ABC . com found to have " misappropriated"
  • The letter threatens a lawsuit for misappropriating Harding's image.
  • I never promised Shevardnadze we would not take assets he misappropriated.
  • RIM also claimed Good pirated product features and misappropriated trade secrets.
  • Shortly thereafter, Reynolds was indicted on charges of misappropriating funds.
  • Even income intended to buy books for the choir was misappropriated.
  • He allegedly misappropriated $ 13, 000 from a county contractor.
  • The funds, however, were inadequate and some were misappropriated.
  • However, she later accused Allen of misappropriating money from her.
  • The commission found him to have misappropriated monies in several municipalities.
  • His properties in France, however, were apparently being misappropriated.
  • It sucks just as much when they misappropriate it through ignorance.
  • Ayi called the assertions untrue, insisting that no aid was misappropriated.
  • This money was misappropriated over a period of three years,
  • A California woman has sued DoubleClick, alleging it misappropriated personal information.
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