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English-Hindi > moneyed

moneyed meaning in Hindi

moneyed sentence in Hindi
1.Begging was a humiliation to this aristocratic mind ; nor was it of much avail in a country where the moneyed classes pour offerings either in the lap of priests or in the pockets of politicians . The only way left to the ageing poet was to earn money by making the school itself productive .
दूसरी ओर शांतिनिकेतन विश्वविद्यालय के कारण चिंता तथा अपमान से भाराऋआंत थे.तथा उससे अधिक प्राप्ति की भी संभावना नहीं थी क्योंकि यहां इस देश में धनी व्यि> अपने पैसे या पुरोहितों की अंजुरी अब विश्वविद्यालय को ही विभिऋ प्रस्तुतियों में लगाकर धन एकत्रित करने का एकमात्र उपाय इस वयोवृद्ध कवि के पास रह गया था .

based on or arising from the possession of money or wealth; "moneyed interests"
Synonyms: monied,

having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value; "an affluent banker"; "a speculator flush with cash"; "not merely rich but loaded"; "moneyed aristocrats"; "wealthy corporations"
Synonyms: affluent, flush, loaded, wealthy,

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