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English-Hindi > moony

moony meaning in Hindi

moony sentence in Hindi
1.The Moonies were _ and remain _ intent on halting communism.

2.The ranch was never a haven for a bunch of Moonies,

3.Those with a drop seat, Moonies, are $ 75.

4.But all that followed was some moony awkwardness before Furio fled.

5.To date, it remains Moony's biggest solo hit.

6.Father Bruno says he knows of no converts won by the Moonies.

7.Arlene even gets a moony crush on the chief executive.

8.The kiwis are moonies, attracted to the silvery rays.

9.INADVERTENT LAUGHS : Someone getting all moony over Eric Roberts?

10.He researched the teachings of Moon and talked to others about the Moonies.

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lighted by moonlight; "the moonlit landscape"
Synonyms: moonlit,

dreamy in mood or nature; "a woolgathering moment"
Synonyms: dreamy, woolgathering,

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