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motivational system sentence in Hindi

"motivational system" meaning in Hindi
  • In extreme cases with older children, a motivational system is a good tool.
  • His position was that he had developed a unique motivational system for entrepreneurs.
  • Three more drive the facial motors, the motivational system, and eye and neck motion.
  • Emotionally focused therapy views attachment needs as a primary motivational system for mammalian survival.
  • DRT relies on a dual-motivational system to explain the pursuit of identity within reference groups.
  • Solms writes in the journal, but only when the stimulus in question " excites the motivational systems of the forebrain and thereby initiates a goal-directed intention ."
  • Through the use of an evolving, topical discussion guide and psychoanalytical tools, the motivational system around the topic, be it a brand, safety, work or advertising, is explored.
  • Roger Flax, president of Motivational Systems in West Orange, N . J ., said he recently heard a pharmaceutical company executive use 216 " ums " during a 10-minute presentation.
  • The motivational system is akin to the game of pinball, the analogy being that if you win this round, you get to play the game again; that is, build the next generation of computers.
  • Results have shown that the initial experience of dissonance can be apparent in the anterior cingulate cortex, then the left frontal cortex is activated, which also activates the approach motivational system to reduce anger.
  • This example is capitalized upon by Morgan ( 2010 ), who proposed a combination of human attachment and place attachment in a model called the Exploration-Assertion Motivational System, which suggests that the strongest attachments originate during childhood.
  • Hughes states " Whether it is a motivational system separate from attachment as is suggested by Stern ( 2004 ), or a central aspect of a secure attachment dyad, it remains vital in the child's overall development ."
  • On the other side of the dual-motivational system, in a reference group where a behavior deviating from the norm is desirable but not required of its members, members of the group would regard the deviant act as an ideal.
  • As a result, baby might gradually develop his / her own boundaries and acknowledge those of his or her object and might invest their own innate abilities to participate in human interactions and enjoy relationships ( " motivational systems, " Emde, 1988 ).
  • In December 1944, at conferences in Katowice, it was brought to attention that the real cause of prisoners'low productivity : the motivational system was characterized as ineffective and the capos as  good,  but it was admitted that the prisoners worked slowly simply because they were hungry.

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