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motivators sentence in Hindi

"motivators" meaning in Hindi
  • He handled people well, was an excellent teacher and motivator.
  • He's going to be a great motivator ."
  • First-year Buffalo coach Ted Nolan is a great motivator.
  • Kidman makes Suzanne's unquenchable ego thirst a believable motivator.
  • Often, it seemed more like simple greed was the motivator.
  • That was the primary motivator in making this come to fruition.
  • The money wasn't much of a motivator, either.
  • He was a motivator and fund raiser for civil rights organizations.
  • Fear and loss are much greater motivators than gains or profits,
  • "It's a commonly stated motivator ."
  • "He's just a good motivator,"
  • He's not a vocal motivator like Lasorda, however.
  • It's the big motivator and the driver ."
  • "He's a great quarterback, a motivator.
  • In this instance, shyness seems to be a great motivator.
  • I think peer pressure's a great motivator ."
  • Wonder why Pat Riley is the league's best motivator?
  • I wanted a motivator, someone who lived and died football.
  • The ( WUG failure ) was a real motivator for him.
  • The main motivator, however, seems to be the incentives.
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