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English-Hindi > motorcar

motorcar meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'məʊtəkɑ:(r) ]  sound:  
noun plural: motorcars   
motorcar sentence in Hindi
• कार
1.What became of the noun motorcar, or the verb motoring?

2.From Covilh?northwards to Guarda trains were operated by diesel motorcars.

3.The story was the same for what is known as motorcar racing.

4.I crashed my motorcar into a Boston trolley one night.

5.But the U . S . is the home of motorcar collecting.

6.Global Electric Motorcars builds about 5, 000 electric vehicles a year.

7.Horses and mules had been replaced by motorcars, trucks and tractors.

8.This was the first long journey by motorcar in Britain.

9.In 1922 the first motorcars were seen in operation in Mount Dandenong.

10.Built in 1987-88 winter, motorcar 1001 was named Tamarron.

a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
Synonyms: car, auto, automobile, machine,

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