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English-Hindi > muddleheaded

muddleheaded meaning in Hindi

muddleheaded sentence in Hindi
1.Which makes our populist prince seem more like a muddleheaded dictator.

2."Quasimodo predicted all of this, " notes muddleheaded henchman Bobby Bacala.

3.Just imagine the United States without advertising _ or without people muddleheaded enough to believe it.

4.Huang Zu is old and muddleheaded.

5.Before his sentencing for the latter crime, he described himself to the judge as " a confused, muddleheaded old man ".

6.Famous works by Ke Yan include " Stories of a Little Soldier " and " Little Muddleheaded Aunt ".

7.The muddleheaded scientist is oblivious to several assassination and abduction attempts by enemy agents that Jeems'takes as and admire as an epitome of coolness.

8.Last year, mellow but muddleheaded Max Kennedy abandoned a possible congressional candidacy in the 9th District after an embarrassing series of performances that suggested little aptitude for the job.

9.The punishment has left Zhang Shanguang weak and muddleheaded but still stubbornly defiant two years into a 10-year jail term, New York-based Human Rights in China said.

10.Yes, and everyone except the muddleheaded mayor _ who says he may rehire Howard for a different job _ seems to agree that a valued employee should not be forced out because of someone else's deficient vocabulary.

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stupid and confused; "blathering like the addlepated nincompoop that you are"; "a confused puddingheaded, muddleheaded fellow"- Isaac Sterne
Synonyms: addlebrained, addlepated, puddingheaded,

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