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English-Hindi > mutualism

mutualism meaning in Hindi

mutualism sentence in Hindi
1.Mutualism originated from the writings of philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

2.Mutualism is in essence the logistic growth equation + mutualistic interaction.

3.Mutualism is the preferred term for anarchism by the Mexican authorities.

4.Ants vary in their level of mutualism with whistling thorn trees.

5.Effects range from consumption of another individual ( predation, mutualism ).

6.This includes not only negative interactions, such as mutualism and pollination.

7.Karamu and mychorrhizal fungi can make a symbiotic mutualism in roots system.

8.Mutualism has been associated with two types of currency reform.

9.Mutualism also had a considerable influence in the Paris Commune.

10.Not all examples of mutualism are also examples of cooperation.

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the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other
Synonyms: symbiosis,

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