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English-Hindi > mythomania

mythomania meaning in Hindi

mythomania sentence in Hindi
1.Someone added sourced material on John McCain to the article Mythomania.

2.Are there no admins watching this discussion, or watching Mythomania?

3.In some cases, indulging in the same mythomania that gangsta rappers do.

4.Burgess'biographers attribute the incident to the author's notorious mythomania.

5.Another distinguishing characteristic of Bode was his unmatched mythomania.

6.Botto's mythomania seems to have been a lifelong trait of his.

7.However, the implication of the article is that John McCain has mythomania.

8.Noting that epileptics have tendencies toward mythomania and melodrama, Slater goes on to offer prodigious illustrations of both.

9.In July 2011, he debuted the 1st episode of " Mythomania, " which he wrote and directed.

10.In demanding a life sentence, the prosecutor said Gaitaud was a man who inspired " fear " and whose personality oscillated between " paranoia, mythomania and perversity ."

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