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English-Hindi > naff

naff meaning in Hindi

naff sentence in Hindi
1.The British have a great word for anything unfashionable : naff.

2.It's starting to look more than a little naff.

3.We live together in Birmingham and love naff TV shows ".

4.If an item was naff, it was not fashionable.

5.He called it both " ridiculously cool and a bit naff ".

6.Grungy, but in a naff sort of way.

7.In 1983, the Norwegian American Football Federation ( NAFF ) was founded.

8.Then the, apparently contentious, bits from Olberman and Naff were dissected.

9.NaFF also oversees the Young Filmmakers Program designed to teach teens filmmaking skills.

10.According to John Hewlett, " It was a naff place to play.

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