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English-Hindi > nagger

nagger meaning in Hindi

noun plural: naggers   
nagger sentence in Hindi
1.The last two years, there were more naggers in the locker room.

2.This is the guilt cold, the nagger.

3.Furby wasn't the only nagger in our house, but he was by far the worst.

4.Busy-Bill stuck a stake through the heart of all the negative naggers who thrive on local defeat.

5.She picked banjo and sang from time to time, but it was the character of Ida Lee Nagger that made her unforgettable to millions of viewers.

6.Kozloff argues that this interaction cycle continues until either the one who is being nagged complies to the nagger s request or the nagger gives up the attempt to persuade.

7.Most NBA coaches are naggers; players call them " little bitches, " according to Charley Rosen, a novelist who is writing a book with Jackson about their basketball-based friendship.

8.It's message central, a repository for the notes you carry in your pockets, the computer memos to yourself, the post-its on the bathroom mirror, the naggers on the refrigerator door.

9.The little Nagger comedies were played before the main features in 1930-1932, along with the latest Looney Tune or other accompanying Vitaphone short subject, and were generally well received by the critics ( writing in Film Daily and other periodicals ).

someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault
Synonyms: scold, scolder, nag, common scold,

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