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English-Hindi > naif

naif meaning in Hindi

naif sentence in Hindi
• भोला
• भोला-भाला
• सीधा-सादा
1.This naif appeal is exactly what the jaded mainstream is after.

2.And Bergner is no censorious Yankee naif adrift in the South.

3.The 65-year-old secretary is no political naif.

4.Rahad Naif said of his U . S . Army guards.

5.She was admired by Picasso as a " shining naif ".

6.Both al-Naif and Daud denied knowledge of any coup.

7.The NAIF eligibility criteria include mandatory and non-mandatory criteria.

8.Matthieu, as he prefers to be called, is no naif.

9.At times she still presents herself as a wide-eyed naif.

10.We do not see Monica as some little naif here.

a naive or inexperienced person

marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience; "a teenager''s naive ignorance of life"; "the naive assumption that things can only get better"; "this naive simple creature with wide friendly eyes so eager to believe appearances"
Synonyms: naive,

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