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English-Hindi > nail bed

nail bed meaning in Hindi

nail bed sentence in Hindi

नख शय्या
nail    कील नेल खिल्ली
bed    क्यारी शय्या
1.Also very common are dermatophytic fungal infections of the nail bed.

2.A well-documented example is regeneration of the digit tip distal to the nail bed.

3.New laser oblation of the nail bed has been successful.

4.The median nerve innervates the skin of the palmar side of the nail bed.

5.She found the German General in the region and demanded that the nails be removed.

6.The nail develops a black discoloration overlying the nail bed but under the nail plate.

7.Meuhrcke's lines disappear when pressure is placed over the nail, blanching the underlying nail bed.

8.The constant destruction of the nail bed leads to onychodystrophy, paronychia and darkening of the nail.

9.Reds and pinks were used on the nail bed while avoiding the area around the cuticles.

10.These fake talons are glued to the nail bed and measure as long as two inches.

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