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naive realism sentence in Hindi

"naive realism" meaning in Hindi
  • Thus, disjunctivism is a form of naive realism or direct realism.
  • In other words, he cared less about championing chance than fighting against naive realism.
  • This is an illustration of what is sometimes referred to as contextuality and is related to naive realism about operators.
  • Barbour considered critical realism an alternative to the competing interpretations of scientific theories : classical or naive realism, instrumentalism, and idealism.
  • Or she discourses on esthetics, with frequent references to the philosopher F . S . C . Northrop, who championed " direct experience " over " naive realism ."
  • :If naive realism argues that a red apple tree must exist because you perceive it to be there, then what happens if you were only hallucinating ?-- DavidGC 15 : 07, 20 May 2006 ( UTC)
  • However, they are under the illusion that their judgments about the social world are objective . " This attitude, which has been aptly described as naive realism, sees no problem in the fact of perception or knowledge of the surroundings.
  • A fourth theory of perception in opposition to naive realism, enactivism, attempts to find a middle path between direct realist and indirect realist theories, positing that cognition arises as a result of the dynamic interplay between an organism's sensory-motor capabilities and its environment.
  • That sounds much more like naive realism coupled with a correspondence theory of truth . ( In fact, that's exactly what Baseball Bugs is espousing, except he's not cloaking it in philosophical language ) . " It has absolutely nothing to do with phenomenology ."
  • Scottish Common Sense Realism is a school of philosophy that sought to defend naive realism against philosophical paradox and scepticism, arguing that matters of common sense are within the reach of common understanding and that common-sense beliefs even govern the lives and thoughts of those who hold non-commonsensical beliefs.

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