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English-Hindi > naked light

naked light meaning in Hindi

naked light sentence in Hindi

अनावृत्त बत्ती
खुली बत्ती
खुली बत्‍ती
naked    अनावृत असज्जित
light    प्रकाश ज्ञान
1.A ceiling fan and two naked light bulbs hung over the bed.

2.The miners used naked lights unlike the English miners who used the safety lamps.

3... . In the naked light I saw, ten thousand people, maybe more . ..

4.His CD lacks the marginal-class attitude inspired by those lost evenings of neon and naked light bulbs.

5.A coroner's court found that the explosion had been caused by a naked light held by one of the miners.

6.Duets with some of country / Americana's top female vocalists make this collection of retro-country tunes burn like a naked light bulb.

7.Next time I'm being grilled by the cops under a naked light at 3 am, I'll ask them if this is an interrogation.

8.Speaking of Lolita, Humbert also says, " Oh, that I were a lady writer who could have her pose naked in a naked light ."

9.It can dress up a naked light bulb as well as update Aunt Edith's prized porcelain lamp, your favorite ginger jar or a classic candlestick base.

10.In earlier testimony, he described his cell as a windowless, 6-foot ( 1.8-meter ) by 10-foot ( 3-meter ) room, lit around-the-clock by a naked light bulb.

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