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naked power sentence in Hindi

"naked power" meaning in Hindi
  • The Orioles traded their naked power policy for pitching and defense.
  • He likes to exhibit his raw, naked power.
  • Eventually, the acquiescence of the outlying population transforms naked power into traditional power.
  • It was a naked power grab.
  • They press their advantage to the point where it looks like a naked power grab ."
  • Winslet's performance is equally daring in its raw, naked power _ both emotionally and physically.
  • When force is used in the absence of other forms, it is called " naked power ".
  • Russian leaders are highly suspicious of American ambitions in the Caspian, which they view as a naked power grab.
  • The remaining contest is a naked power grab-- can a liberal policy elite extend government control over health care?
  • There can never be world security and order when naked power suspends and substitutes with unilaterialism the hallowed principle of multilateralism,
  • In other words, naked power is the ruthless exertion of force without the desire for, or attempt at, consent.
  • Russian leaders are highly suspicious of U . S . ambitions in the Caspian, which they view as a naked power grab.
  • According to this rule, what begins as fanaticism on the part of some crowd eventually produces conquest by means of naked power.
  • Finally, once a traditional power has taken hold, it engages in the suppression of dissent by the use of naked power.
  • Outside Parliament, Central Bank workers demonstrated against the reforms, which they saw as a naked power grab by the Ministry of Finance.
  • If the traditional creeds are doubted without any alternative, then the traditional authority relies more and more on the use of naked power.
  • They said the plan was a naked power grab by Democrats to help Sen . John Kerry in a place no one then thought he could win.
  • In all cases, the sources of naked power are the fears of the powerless and the ambitions of the powerful ( Russell 1938 : 127 ).
  • First, the transformation back into naked power occurs when revolutionary power has been around for a long period without achieving a resolution to its key conflict.
  • "We have the makings of a naked power grab that can only be stopped by a people's united vigilance, " he said.
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