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nakedly sentence in Hindi

"nakedly" meaning in Hindinakedly in a sentence
  • Nothing Leigh has done has been quite so nakedly emotional.
  • Reprobation is thus not an ordination to damnation nakedly considered.
  • There is nothing more honestly, nakedly powerful or moving.
  • And even so, the targets of these cultural warriors remain nakedly partisan.
  • Rarely has the acting process been so nakedly exposed.
  • Some of it is nakedly commercial, some is based purely on principle.
  • Morris will talk somewhat nakedly about the failed " Capeman ."
  • Nowhere else is the fundamental incompetence of state bureaucrats so nakedly on display.
  • Sabine Azema, sloe-eyed and feisty, ragged jawline nakedly displayed.
  • More than being pathetic, Beast is nakedly insecure.
  • She nakedly confides her grief in a poignant poem to his adoptive parents:
  • He still gave the real thing nakedly and directly, leaving nothing out.
  • The result, she said, is her most nakedly emotional work to date.
  • "When it's taken that nakedly, these are my subjects.
  • Bokhin seemed to nakedly utter his inherent ignorance.
  • It is nakedly racist in itself that race somehow determines our policy . . ..
  • Brown runs an autocratic regime, wielding his power as nakedly as he did in Sacramento.
  • Earlier this year, Hatch described Kessler to reporters as self-aggrandizing and nakedly political.
  • She asks for love so nakedly and earnestly, it seems downright vicious not to respond.
  • I have never seen a sports enterprise so nakedly and publicly disconnected from its fan base.
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