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English-Hindi > naked power

naked power meaning in Hindi

naked power sentence in Hindi

अनियंत्रित शक्ति
naked    अनावृत असज्जित
power    राज विद्युत्
1.The Orioles traded their naked power policy for pitching and defense.

2.He likes to exhibit his raw, naked power.

3.Eventually, the acquiescence of the outlying population transforms naked power into traditional power.

4.It was a naked power grab.

5.They press their advantage to the point where it looks like a naked power grab ."

6.Winslet's performance is equally daring in its raw, naked power _ both emotionally and physically.

7.When force is used in the absence of other forms, it is called " naked power ".

8.Russian leaders are highly suspicious of American ambitions in the Caspian, which they view as a naked power grab.

9.The remaining contest is a naked power grab-- can a liberal policy elite extend government control over health care?

10.There can never be world security and order when naked power suspends and substitutes with unilaterialism the hallowed principle of multilateralism,

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