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English-Hindi > name part

name part meaning in Hindi

name part sentence in Hindi
• शीर्षक
• प्रमुख भूमिका
name    उपनाम शीर्षक
part    अंश बुद्धि मन की
1.The event has been named part of the Cultural Heritage of Puebla.

2.Again, we have some parts that work, just not big-name parts.

3.Also, Durk was named part of the 2014 XXL Freshmen Class.

4.Be prepared to be creative when picking the name part of your address.

5.In 2013, Gifford was named part of the NASCAR NEXT program.

6.Bernards was named part-time professor of molecular carcinogenesis at Utrecht University in 1994.

7.The naming part is problematic, the rest seems quite ok.

8.Leo's wife asks that they name part of the project after Leo and Adam agrees.

9.Two or three of the last-named parts are original.

10.E . W . Hammer named part of the estate " Inglewood Estate " in 1895.

the role of the character after whom the play is named
Synonyms: title role,

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