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English-Hindi > name plate

name plate meaning in Hindi

name plate sentence in Hindi

• नाम पट्ट
• नामपट्ट
name    उपनाम शीर्षक
plate    फोटोग्राफी की
1.Awarded ribbons are worn over the name plate of the right breast.

2.Volkswagen vehicles built off different platforms have carried the Polo name plate.

3.This bridge has a name plate calling it " Andrews Bridge ".

4."Change doesn't always have to manifest itself with changes in name plates,"

5.The station name plates are in the standard black with white lettering.

6.Buffer beams and number plate and name plate backgrounds were painted red.

7.His locker was the only one without a name plate above it.

8.Alternating columns have the standard black station name plate in white lettering.

9.His No . 47 is still affixed near his name plate.

10.On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Byrd collected two more name plates.

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