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English-Hindi > nays

nays meaning in Hindi

nays sentence in Hindi
1.Things are better, according to even nay-saying economists.

2.Congressmen who wish to impeach vote yes, the rest nay.

3.The attorney, Morris Engelberg, is the Say Nay Kid.

4.I have to weigh that and yea it or nay it.

5.The world deserves _ nay, needs _ less French diplomacy.

6.Greenspan himself set off the latest round of nay-saying.

7.Karnei Shomron-- kahr-NAY'shahm-ROHN'

8.I mean nay on the vanity; yay on the deletion.

9.The only Representative to vote " Nay " was Ron Paul.

10.She is married to Nay Win Myint, also a writer.

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