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English-Hindi > needlelike

needlelike meaning in Hindi

needlelike sentence in Hindi
1.On this slope, conifers with needlelike or tightly scaled leaves dominate.

2.The mouth is wide and filled with numerous needlelike teeth.

3.The small gray-green leaves have tiny needlelike lobes.

4.The leaves are divided into many very narrow linear or needlelike lobes.

5.These beasts often have enormous mouths and needlelike fangs.

6.The leaves are divided into threadlike or needlelike lobes.

7.Dark green, needlelike foliage; usually free-floating just beneath the surface.

8.Needlelike green foliage; inconspicuous flowers; hardy.

9.Radiating sprays of needlelike crystals are not uncommon.

10.The leaves are divided into many needlelike lobes.

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ending in a sharp point
Synonyms: acuate, acute, sharp,

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