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English-Hindi > net

net meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ net ]  sound:  
net sentence in Hindi
1.These may be desktop or net based applications.
ये जाल या डेस्कटॉप आधारित अनुप्रयोग हो सकते हैं।

2.To the largest traditional bed net manufacturer in Africa
अफ़्रीका के सबसे बडे मच्छरदानी निर्माता को

3.That is, as long as you can keep net neutrality in place.
ये तब तक है जब तक आप तटस्थता को बनाए रखते हैं.

4.There is no scope for expansion in the net sown area.
कुल बोआई क्षेत्र में विस्तार की कोई गुंजाइश नहीं है।

5.To distribute, and a dollar to buy the net.
इसे बाँटने में, और एक डॉलर लगेगा इसे खरीदने में।

6.Costing the public sector another six dollars a net,
जिससे कि सरकारी क्षेत्र को छः डालर कीमत आये,

7.But the overwhelming number of people will come forth at one dollar per net
पर यदि कीमत एक डॉलर हो तो, कई एक लोग आगे आयेंगे और

8.The net not the type of multi-Eswarwadi can be said
इस प्रकार का मत शुद्ध रूप से बहु-ईश्वरवादी कहा जा सकता है।

9.The net charge on an ion is equal to the number of protons
एक आयन पर कुल आवेश बराबर होता है प्रोटॉनों की संख्या से

10.It changed its name from time to time to escape the police net .
पुलिस के जाल से बने के लिए इसका नाम समय समय पर बदला गया .

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remaining after all deductions; "net profit"
Synonyms: nett,

conclusive in a process or progression; "the final answer"; "a last resort"; "the net result"
Synonyms: final, last,

catch with a net; "net a fish"
Synonyms: nett,

construct or form a web, as if by weaving
Synonyms: web,

make as a net profit; "The company cleared $1 million"
Synonyms: sack, sack up, clear,

yield as a net profit; "This sale netted me $1 million"
Synonyms: clear,

a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange
Synonyms: internet, cyberspace,

an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals
Synonyms: network, mesh, meshing, meshwork,

a trap made of netting to catch fish or birds or insects

game equipment consisting of a strip of netting dividing the playing area in tennis or badminton

a goal lined with netting (as in soccer or hockey)

the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
Synonyms: net income, net profit, lucre, profit, profits, earnings,

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