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English-Hindi > neurasthenia

neurasthenia meaning in Hindi

neurasthenia sentence in Hindi
1.Bromantane was eventually repurposed in 2005 as a treatment for neurasthenia.

2.He suffered from arrhythmia, neurasthenia, neuralgia, paraesthesia.

3.He died on August 31, 1922, of starvation and neurasthenia.

4.Maeterlinck became increasingly depressed and was eventually diagnosed with neurasthenia.

5.Vollosovich developed neurasthenia, and Toll allowed him to leave the expedition.

6.Neurasthenia is a disorder with a startle response during periods of great fatigue.

7.He is also remembered for his investigations of neurasthenia.

8.In October 1946, Wilson was diagnosed with neurasthenia.

9.Beer's early death was attributed to neurasthenia.

10.Marcel Proust was said to suffer from neurasthenia.

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nervous breakdown (not in technical use)

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