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English-Hindi > niggardliness

niggardliness meaning in Hindi

niggardliness sentence in Hindi
1.His generosity does indeed underscore the niggardliness of Washington in meeting its international obligations.

2.Healy's faults did not include niggardliness, and no tale of hard luck ever failed to reach his pocketbook ."

3.It's not that Ozawa lacks for awards, but Harvard's niggardliness with the sheepskin has become the talk of Symphony World.

4.Your low-key delivery can be at its most effective if the words uplift . Contrast Gore's strident niggardliness with your sincere generosity.

5.Almost as if to prove the point to himself, he invents his own political organization, the Party of Disappointed People, or PdP . He even designs emblems for it, including " The Pennants of Passive Attitudes and Emotions, " among them bigotry, spite, niggardliness, procrastination, sloth and jealousy.

6.Adi Shankara states that from it is the well-known ancient samsaric procession and from it issue forth always attachment, pain etc ., which are modifications of the mind; and that desire, anger, avarice, pride, jealousy, egoism, envy, niggardliness etc ., these are its terrible characteristics that are inducements to actions of men, by the process of superimposition they are all imagined in the " Jiva " and cause bondage . ( Vivekachudamani . 113-4 ).

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