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English-Hindi > nonrational

nonrational meaning in Hindi

nonrational sentence in Hindi
1.The interpretation given above is valid for a nonrational B�zier curve.

2.What we're dealing with is nonrational, emotional responses ."

3.Of course, attitudes toward Washington have always had a strong nonrational dimension.

4.All humans are nonrational, delusional, and nondesigned.

5.Such stories are based on realistic events but don't discount nonrational ones.

6.It is wrong to simply say that people who are dissatisfied are in some way nonrational.

7.It is here that we deal with aspects of the creative process that appear decidedly nonrational.

8.Consumers are influenced by emotional and nonrational considerations making attempts to be rational only partially successful.

9.Another significant theme in Connor's work is the passionate, nonrational character of nationalism.

10.Still, the occult cannot seem to shake its guilt by association with the ultimate nonrational, the devil.

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