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English-Hindi > notice

notice meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'nəutis ]  sound:  
verb past tense: noticed   verb past participle: noticed   noun plural: notices   verb present participle: noticing   
notice sentence in Hindi
1.The notice board confirmed his worst fears .
सूचना पट्टं ने अनिष्ट की उनकी आशंका की पुष्टि कर दी .

2.Such a notice must be conformed by the Court .
ऐसी सूचना की पुष्टि कोर्ट द्वारा की जानी जरूरी है ।

3.Such a notice must be conformed by the Court .
ऐसी सूचना की पुष्टि कोर्ट व्दारा की जानी जरूरी है .

4.If you notice, he's actually needlepointing his own face.
यदि आप गौर करें, वह स्वयं का चेहरा ही काढ़ रहा है.

5.We noticed a couple of interesting things, which you'll see.
हमने कुछ दिलचस्प चीज़ें देखी, जो आप भी देखेंगे.

6.Most people notice loss of sharpness in their close-up vision .
अधिकांश लोगों की निकट की नजर कमजोर हो जाती है .

7.The boy noticed that the man ' s clothing was strange .
लड़के का ध्यान उस बूढ़े के अजीब पहनावे पर गया ।

8.And the thing that you might have noticed about those blue dots
और आप उन नीले डॉट्स के बारे में देख सकते हैं

9.Notice That You Must Leave -LRB- 92 HUG 220 -RRB-
आप को नोटिस मिली हो कि आप मकान छोड दें . ( 92 ःऊघ् 220 )

10.But the thing to notice is that there will be
मगर गौर करने की चीज़ यह है कि और भी बहुत स्थान हैं

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the act of noticing or paying attention; "he escaped the notice of the police"
Synonyms: observation, observance,

polite or favorable attention; "his hard work soon attracted the teacher''s notice"

a short critical review; "the play received good notices"

an announcement containing information about an event; "you didn''t give me enough notice"; "an obituary notice"; "a notice of sale

a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement; "a poster advertised the coming attractions"
Synonyms: poster, posting, placard, bill, card,

a request for payment; "the notification stated the grace period and the penalties for defaulting"
Synonyms: notification,

advance notification (usually written) of the intention to withdraw from an arrangement of contract; "we received a notice to vacate the premises"; "he gave notice two months before he moved"

make or write a comment on; "he commented the paper of his colleague"
Synonyms: comment, remark, point out,

express recognition of the presence or existence of, or acquaintance with; "He never acknowledges his colleagues when they run into him in the hallway"; "She acknowledged his complement with a smile"; "it is important to acknowledge the work of others in one''s own writing"
Synonyms: acknowledge,

notice or perceive; "She noted that someone was following her"; "mark my words"
Synonyms: mark, note,

discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of; "She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water"; "We found traces of lead in the paint"
Synonyms: detect, observe, find, discover,

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