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English-Hindi > nuke

nuke meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: nuked   verb past participle: nuked   verb present participle: nuking   
nuke sentence in Hindi
1.Incinerating the Germans and gleefully nuking the Japanese 50 years ago.

2.The French ( down ) Europe boycotts your wine over nukes.

3.He hated nukes, partly because they were old-fashioned.

4.Rogue nukes : What if crazies get hold of nuclear weapons?

5."Nuke'em and zap'em ."

6.Nukes is to avoid annihilation and cancer and stuff like that.

7.What about the issue of the so-called loose nukes?

8.Could the fictitious Emerald Canyon nuke plant in Seattle be next?

9.If it was me, I'd nuke the drive.

10.The writer Vivian Gornick once nuked the play in this newspaper.

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the warhead of a missile designed to deliver an atom bomb
Synonyms: atomic warhead, nuclear warhead, thermonuclear warhead,

cook or heat in a microwave oven; "You can microwave the leftovers"
Synonyms: microwave, micro-cook, zap,

bomb with atomic weapons
Synonyms: atom-bomb,

strike at with firepower or bombs; "zap the enemy"
Synonyms: atomize, atomise, zap,

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