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oafish sentence in Hindi

"oafish" meaning in Hindioafish in a sentence
  • It's not that oafish comedies should be rooted in reality.
  • In the anime Ken Nakajima is a lovable but slightly oafish character.
  • Not all human-resources people, of course, are so oafish.
  • John Rocker probably blew his career in Atlanta Sunday in spectacularly oafish fashion.
  • This litany of abuse condemns the oafish Rocker out of his own mouth.
  • Tales abounded of his oafish manners gobbling food in the homes of friends.
  • Both play oafish moustache-twirlers who belong in an Austin Powers flick.
  • Bill Irwin does a star turn as Trinculo, an oafish, foolish servant.
  • But the scenes with the oafish Baron Ochs are filled with galumphing Germanic humor.
  • I could never understand why the oafish Al was so turned off by her.
  • I felt increasingly oafish among such delicate creatures.
  • As Sir Fopling, an oafish Englishman turned Paris dandy, he was hilarious.
  • And his choreography was intentionally oafish.
  • The oafish Bob is suspicious _ Berlin is full of Commie spies _ and perhaps envious.
  • No one expects an oafish woman.
  • A case of oafish federal government with its heel on the necks of local school boards?
  • Surprisingly, his oafish accidents on the battlefield helped defeat the federation's droid army.
  • Malfoy hangs out with his cronies, the oafish Crabbe and Goyle . _ _ _=
  • For revenge, she decides to marry an oafish suitor named Freddie ( Jean Par�d�s ).
  • Maybe I will even put up with Parcells'oafish sarcasm if the Jets are for real.
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