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English-Hindi > oak forest

oak forest meaning in Hindi

oak forest sentence in Hindi

oak    बलूत वंजुल
forest    कानन जंगल बन वन
1.The current mayor of Oak Forest is Henry " Hank " Kuspa.

2.A small portion of Oak Forest feeds into Carl Sandburg High School.

3.In February 2009 some Oak Forest residents reported increased burglaries and thefts.

4.The walking is through meadows, mountains and oak forests along ancient paths.

5.Oak Forest is the third largest area after the annexation of Kingwood.

6.Oak Forest Canyon was purchased to facilitate access to Fossil Ridge Park.

7.It generally occupies pine-oak forest and other kinds of mountain forest habitat.

8.An acre of oak forest drops 2 1 / 2 tons of leaves.

9.This plant grows in oak and pine-oak forest and woodland habitat.

10.The other youth, Willard Branch, lived in the Oak Forest district of Houston.

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